Zacobi S.p.A.

Import- Export since 1983.

Welcome to Zacobi

Our company was founded thirty years ago as a perfume retailer in Parma, also specialized in luxury perfumery and cosmetics products. Thanks to years of development and passion for the treated products, we managed to position ourselves among the leading companies in the import-export field, in Italy, but also abroad with our shipping services.


Only original and guaranteed products; we care about our customer’s needs and we set ourselves as a point of reference for them.


Your satisfaction has always been our main goal and we take care of every detail to guarantee it.


A company with thirty years of solid activity behind it, leader in the field, whose seriousness has always been a strength.


We sell wholesale cosmetics and high-end cosmetics, having a large daily assorted stock and a wide range of special offers for all customers. We also rely on a highly qualified sales staff and guarantee extremely attractive prices.

Customer care

At Zacobi, we know the perfumery industry well, which can guarantee a very profitable business. For this reason, we provide you with a qualified staff with extensive experience in the field to suggest the best sales strategies and achieve a considerable goal.
We offer a wide range of male and female fragrances of many prestigious brands, also with gift box. We are constantly introducing new products in order to guarantee our customers every new release and trend in the perfumery field, making our range in continuous evolution.
They are fragrances conceived and created by artisans or small companies that, far from the aggressive and standardized style of commercial perfumery, pursue the impalpable inspiration of a dream, a story, a literary or musical intuition and try to achieve it through the combined art of chemical elements.
Skincare has always been a fundamental step in many men and women beauty routine, as well as a rapidly expanding market.
At Zacobi, we supply a wide range of wholesale skin care products, ensuring the availability of all major leading brands.

We supply wholesale cosmetics of every brand, from the cheapest ones to the premium perfumery. We also have a wide range of nail polishes that can be used both in professional salons and at home. We also sell quality guaranteed make-up tools and accessories.
At Zacobi we also have everything you need for hair care and styling, both for retailers and for professional beauty salons; shampoos, conditioners, hairstyle products and accessories; all the best known and reliable brands are available.
We also sell specific cosmetics and para-pharmaceutical products, sanitary and medical items. Buying these types of products wholesale involves a significant saving proportionate to a durable supply over time.
We sell a wide range of body care products, both cosmetics and accessories, such as specific articles for manicures, brushes, sponges, soaps and hygiene and cleaning products, shaving and shaving care products.

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